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Grimes, rain, signs, and notes

So here is how the night went after we came back here. We went to the pool only to find out that it closed at 11 p.m. I didnt want to break any laws so we left. We turned on the tv and watched daria. Then we decided to go to Walmart to kill time. I got some kick ass platform shoes and a maxim blender. On the way out we got the idea to go to raymond high to steal a skank sign. We called dt to get him in on the hard core action, but he said he had been there done that and offered us some advice. Then we headed back to this damn house and got some tools. ITEM CHECK! we had : a hammer, a bucket formally filled with charcoal, 2 pairs of pliers, a wrench that had the spinny tightener, and 2 screw drivers. We were prepared. We were amped. It was 2.10 in the morning. So we headed out to get the skank. Just as we near the turn for raymond high the storm of the century hits us. It poured rain and blew. There was the most kick ass lighining (forgive the spelling it is 4.30 in the morning) i have viewed yet this year. We started talking about how funny it would be if a tornado appeared. ha ha. So we get to the sign and it was a man and woman walking both holding purses, and so not skanking. We got out to determine if we could steal that sign. alas we could not as it was some kinda of anti-stealing bolt. suck ass. so we drove down the road looking for our next target. From out of the hard core rain came a sign! liter control, by the Grimes family! hahahhaha! so we got out and looked at it. Yes! it could be stolen! We got the spinny wrench thing and some pliers. The first bolt came off easy, like me... but the next one was one tough beotch, like lyssie. So there we are working like 2 busy bees in the pouring rain when what do i spy, but a car coming our way. Quick i say to my partner in crime, into the car. We get in and drive away, then turn around and go back. We quickly discovered the correct way to loosen the second bolt, when i see a car coming from behind us. IN THE CAR, IN THE CAR! I scream to my comrade in arms but not genitals. SO we drive off yet again. We are soaked beyond belief, but having the time of our lives. We go back, and work like devils, after 20 minutes total of trying lyssie pulls and the sign comes off. We squealed with delight and ran for our lives. We ran like we had just stolen 100 dollars, which is how much i believe a stolen sign is worth if you are caught with it. So we drive off, soaked to the hard core, and so hyped. We drive back into town and call DT. I would like to say that he said to call him and let him know how everything went. So we call him not more that an hour .5 later and he is sleeping, but tells us we can come over for a bit, and keeps saying be careful be careful. ( i seriously doubt he will remember any of this.) We head on over there, throughly impressed with ourselves and our new comodity. We get to DT's house and find the light is on and the door is open. We go in thinking he did left the door open as a sign to come in. We enter and look around, no one is in sight. We see if maybe there is a bedroom door open, but all are closed. We leave the sign in the living room along with our shoes and go get lyssie's cell. We call him from inside his living room and no anwser. We call again to try and trace the cell ringing. I think he turned it off thougth. So we are dripping wet and so cold. I beg lyssie to leave, she says ok but we must leave a note. Right on i say and grab the sign and make for the door. The note reads:
dear nick,
we came by to fuck you, but we didn't know what bedroom was yours therefore you are gay.
the great grimes sign thieves.
We then exit and come back to the damn house. We are greeted by sir willy and had some popcorn as we watched the lightening. It was so hardcore, like bunnies.
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