Annie Elizabeth Erlandson (illegalalien) wrote in jvallstars,
Annie Elizabeth Erlandson

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I want to have a meaningful song. Because, let's face it, the only morality in our other songs is...use a condom so you don't get crabs? Right. I only have two verses of this so far, and in order to rhyme them I ended up with both being liberal-bashing. I want an anti-Republican verse as well. Chorus ommitted as is a work in progress.

Mother was a sky-high hippie
Luff JFK the bloody libby
Met daddy long-haired communist
Fell for him first drunken kiss
Now they both vote liberal
And revel in suburban hell

My best friend’s a spoiled brat
Parents raised him Democrat
He’s a liberal socialist
Owns stock in the Nike blitz
Trust fund meant to open doors
Drowned his soul with one more Coors
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